Discusses pricing formula and other fees, value-added tax (VAT), etc.

Certain items, including basic foodstuffs (rice, beans, sugar, bread, and flour), and butane gas are subject to government price controls (2012 Supplies Control (Amendment) Regulations).

In April 2010, the General Sales Tax (GST) was raised to 12.5%. The tax is a consumption tax applicable on all commodities.  Staple food items such as rice, beans, corn, fresh meat, flour, sugar, eggs, bread, and tortilla are zero-rated for GST, while water, school fees, house rent, insurance, medicine, and hotel rooms are considered exempt goods and services.  For a full listing of zero-rated and exempt goods visit the Department of General Sales Tax website at http://www.gst.gov.bz.

Imported products are subject to tariffs such as Import Duties, Cost, Insurance, plus Freight (CIF Value), Revenue Replacement Duties (if applicable), General Sales Tax, and Environmental Tax. Import Duties generally range from zero to 45%.  The zero is applicable to some food items, books and educational material and medicines.  Rates of up to 45% apply to items such as vehicles, fresh peppers, pepper sauces, live animals, and boats.  Many general household products (e.g. grocery and clothing) carry an average import duty rate between 10-20%.  Items considered luxury commodities, like SUV vehicles, alcohol, cosmetics, or items that compete with domestic industries may range from 70-120%.  Thereafter Cost, Insurance, plus Freight (CIF Value) is applied as well the 12.5% General Sales Tax.  In 2016, the Government of Belize increased the Environmental Tax from 2% to 3% on all imports, excluding some medicines and food items; however, automobiles are charged the Environmental Tax at a rate of 5%.  For more information visit www.customs.gov.bz for details on tariff rates and eligibility.   In 2017, the government initiated new tax measures that applied GST on goods and services previously exempted including internet data service, government contracts, goods and services, as well as applicable to
Business Processing Outsourcing companies.

The above cost factors should be accounted in establishing appropriate pricing mechanisms in traded products.

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