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1) that the point(s) of contact responsible for the handling of complaints, access requests, and other issues arising under the Privacy Shield are available,
2) that the organization’s publicly-facing privacy policy is available for viewing by the public,
3) that the organization’s privacy policy continues to comply with the self-certification requirements described in the Framework, and
4) that the organization’s chosen independent recourse mechanism(s) is available to investigate and resolve complaints.
Additionally, ITA’s Privacy Shield team will actively monitor news for reports regarding the privacy practices of Privacy Shield participants.  If there is credible evidence that a participant does not comply with its commitments under the Privacy Shield or if significant issues are identified during a compliance review, the participant will receive a compliance questionnaire.

These enhancements are intended to strengthen the administration and supervision of the Privacy Shield Framework, increasing the confidence of participants in the Framework and of EU individuals that their data will be protected.

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