Discusses the prevalence and reliability of express delivery firms within the country, time from large U.S. cities, and relevant customs procedures, including de minimis amounts.

DHL and FedEx operate in Belize and are very reliable.  Both offer delivery services within 2-3 working days. Deliveries are routed via Miami through American Airlines, Amerijet, or Avianca flights. The Belize Post Office in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service also provides Express Mail Services (EMS).  Deliveries normally take four to five business days. Local companies also offer express delivery services across the country, generally same day delivery.

All express service providers facilitate the payment of customs duties and tariffs.  For DHL and FedEx, customers pay a service charge in addition to the customs duties.  For the Post Office, a customs officer is based at the Belize City Post Office and is responsible for assessing the duties payable.  In other local offices, the post office personnel act as agents for customs.

Customs charges are assessed in line with Customs Department procedures accounting for import duties, revenue replacement duties, general sales tax, and environmental tax, where applicable.  See the Chapter on Trade Regulations, Customs and Standards

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