Discusses the distribution network within the country from how products enter to final destination, including reliability and condition of distribution mechanisms, major distribution centers, ports, etc.

A typical distribution channel for an American-made product involves (1) the local importer, who is also generally the wholesaler and the distributor, (2) the retailer, and finally (3) the buyer/consumer.

Cargo imported from neighboring Central America and Mexico enters Belize through the two official land ports of entry located at the country’s western border with Guatemala and northern border with Mexico.  Goods imported from North America, the Caribbean, and Europe can enter the country via ship through either Port of Belize Ltd. (Belize City) or the Port of Big Creek (Stann Creek district).  Together these two ports handle around 90% of import shipments and a similar portion of exports.  Cargo ships typically depart Europe for Miami/Houston, then Belize, and on to Central and South America.  The airlines also air freight into the country but to a lesser extent.   

As the commercial hub, the Port of Belize Ltd. receives imports mostly for dry goods, merchandise, machinery, automobiles, consumer goods, and fuel.  It features a 1,000-foot pier for ships to load and unload cargo.  For additional details, please visit www.portofbelize.com

The Port of Big Creek, located to the south in Independence Village, is the second largest port and handles bulk and break-bulk cargo. It features three full service berths allowing for direct docking of cargo ships alongside the mainland.  This port accommodates large ships for the transport of citrus, bananas, fertilizers, grain, sugar and other agricultural produce, as well as crude oil and petroleum fuel. For additional details, please visit www.bigcreekgroup.com.

There are two other marine ports handling cargo (Puma Energy and WitConcrete) and four marine passenger ports (Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City, Punta Gorda, Saca Chispas in Ambergris Caye, and Harvest Caye (which opened operations in November 2016).


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