Includes steps involved in establishing a local office.

Belizean laws allow businesses to be established in several forms: private companies, joint ventures and cooperatives, partnerships, sole proprietorships, trust funds, public investment companies, and international business companies (IBCs). The Companies Act stipulates the legal requirements to incorporate a limited liability company in Belize.  All non-residents must obtain prior permission from the Central Bank of Belize for the right to own shares in a Belizean company.  Although not necessary, an attorney is usually hired to prepare and submit the necessary Articles and Memorandum of Association.  (For a list of attorneys visit ).

An application to register a company is submitted to the Companies Registry and usually takes seven business days to be processed and approved. Fees vary depending on the number of shares issued by the company.  For additional details, contact the Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry via email at

The International Business Companies (Amendment) Act was passed in December 2018 and allows for both residents and non-residents to take part in the regime.  Additionally, International Business Companies are now liable for both income tax and stamp duty and required to file annual returns.  The International Business Companies Registry is responsible for managing all International Business Company registrations. Their website,, provides a comprehensive list of all authorized registered agents capable of incorporating IBCs.  Fees vary depending on the number of shares issued by the company.

The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) has the mandate to promote and develop Belize as an international financial services center and to regulate the international financial services.  For additional details, contact the IFSC via email at ; website:



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Belize Business Registration