This article provides considerations for optimizing your website's mobile capabilities.

“Having a website that isn’t optimized for mobile is like owning a store with no door.”
Tweet from Elon Musk, PayPal cofounder (@BoredElonMusk) July 2015

Mobile ecommerce (simply referred to as "mobile" within the ecommerce industry) is a subset of ecommerce and describes the online sales in which wireless electronic devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) are used to complete online transactions.

Mobile ecommerce differs from traditional desktop ecommerce in that the way your website is presented on a mobile device is different. Mobile device screens are formatted to present data different from the way that desktop web browsers present data, and users interact differently with mobile devices on the Internet than they do on a desktop computer. Most websites therefore present their websites differently in mobile versions to accommodate the differences that mobile devices have in screen size and ease of browsing.

Businesses need to find out if mobile optimization is a viable channel to pursue and refine before they invest serious amounts of capital in its development. A business should analyze its web analytics reports to see what percentage of its website activity is originating from the use mobile devices to view—and shop—on its website.

FACT: From 30 percent to 50 percent of all current online traffic going to an ecommerce site comes from mobile devices. Mobile device adoption will hit 90 percent in the United States within 2016.

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