Includes import documentation and other requirements for both the U.S. exporter and foreign importer.

According to customs regulations, the following documents can be demanded by customs officials:

  • Advice note
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of origin
  • Commercial invoice
  • Malawi Revenue Authority Form 12
  • Customs declaration for Mozambique (transit document)
  • Delivery order
  • Malawi Revenue Authority Form 19
  • Inspection report from scanner (transit document)
  • Packing list
  • Release order
  • Report order
Malawi Revenue Authority customs forms are available online at
Additionally, requirements vary slightly depending on the mode of transport into Malawi:
Transport by road vehicle:
  • A complete list of the goods carried
  • Copies of all waybills
  • Copies of consignment notes
Transport by aircraft:
  • Manifests of the cargo signed by an authorized person at the point of departure
  • Lists of the passengers and crew
  • Lists of any goods on board which are accompanying passengers (i.e., baggage)
  • The clearance, if any, from the last foreign port
  • The aircraft's journey log book
Transport by train:
  • Copies of invoices
  • Waybills
  • Delivery and advice notes
  • Other documents for goods which will enter at that port
  • Lists of all goods carried on the train other than the cargo
  • A "Clean Report of Findings" from the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) affiliate in the exporting country is also required

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