Includes a list of goods that are prohibited from being exported to the country or are otherwise restricted.

Phyto-sanitary and sanitary control regulations are in place.  As a rule, animal and plant products that risk propagating diseases to persons or animals cannot be imported. In these matters, Algeria adheres, like the EU, to the principle of precaution.

Meat of U.S.-origin is prohibited because of allegedly high hormone content.

Certain imports are subject to prior authorization by some ministries. For example, the Ministry of Health must clear medical products, the Ministry of Defense and National Security Directorate must clear hunting weapons, and the Ministry of Information and Culture must clear books and magazines.

In December 2000, the Ministry of Agriculture enacted a decree prohibiting the importation, distribution, or sale of seeds that are genetically modified organisms.

In 2005, the Algerian government placed a ban on the importation of vehicles over three years old and in 2007 extended the ban to any other type of used vehicle.

In March 2015, GoA enacted a law that set new safety requirements for all types of imported vehicles. These measures focus essentially on re-enforcement of car safety. In 2017 the GoA was expected to limit car imports to 27,000 units but no cars were allowed into the country. In 2018 a handful of car manufacturers began assembling vehicles in Algeria; those manufacturers were allowed to import some cars.   

Information on Algerian customs requirements can be found (in French). If a U.S. firm encounters a problem involving Algerian Customs, they may fax a letter in French to the Direction Chare de la Cooperation et des Relations Internationales describing the situation in detail.  This letter may be faxed to +213-21-72-59-75. The phone number is +213-21-72-2088.

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