This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data.
Total Local Production21,75022,185, 22,23622,680
Total Exports13,55013,41313,68113,954
Total Imports3,000  3,100  3,162 3,170
Imports from the US
    33       33       31      32
Total Market Size11,20011,872 11,717 11 896
Exchange Rate 1 EuroUSD1.1072USD1.1301USD1.1817USD1.1100
(total market size = (total local production + imports) - exports)
(Figures in USD billion; * Estimated figures)
Data source:  FEBEA (French trade association for the cosmetics and perfumes companies)
The French cosmetic industry is strong and robust, one of the few sectors in which France is a global leader. The label “Made in France” remains a sign of high quality around the world. French products are sold in over 200 countries and French companies have continued to increase market shares worldwide, especially in emerging countries.
There are approximately 430 cosmetics companies in France with a total of 55,000 employees. Sephora, Marionnaud, Nocibé, and Douglas, are key players in the cosmetic industry’s distribution network. The mass distribution sectors such as department stores and pharmacies also play a significant role.
Consumers in this sector are becoming very demanding and are constantly expecting products that deliver immediate and tangible results. Because French consumers like to try new and innovative items, companies must launch new products every year. The dominance of leading French companies (particularly L’Oréal and L.V.M.H.), and the very strict government regulations make this a very difficult market. Nonetheless, there are still some market opportunities for niche innovative U.S. brands.
Best practices
To export cosmetics to France, U.S. companies should comply with the European legislation.  on July 11, 2013, the declaration to the poison control center was replaced by the notification of cosmetic products on the European Portal, more commonly known as the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). Thus, Article 13 of EC Regulation N° 1223/2009 provides electronic notifications of cosmetic products to the European Commission. This procedure must be completed before the cosmetic product is launched on the market. This notification is unique and regulated by the European Commission
Leading Sub-Sectors
Organic cosmetics        
Organic cosmetics are a booming market in France. Originally, organic cosmetics were designed for people suffering from skin problems, like eczema or allergies.  However, organic cosmetics are now starting to be seen as high quality and premium products and are drawing a much wider range of consumers.
Ethnic cosmetics
Ethnic cosmetic products are a best prospect opportunity in France due to an increase in purchasing power of ethnic communities. Well-known brands in cosmetics are beginning to dedicate more resources and time in creating more products for this growing market segment.
Spa products
Spa and wellness products still remain one of the most dynamic market sectors and has demonstrated a significant increase in demand over the past few years

Men’s products
More men are purchasing beauty products and anti-aging treatments. Several segments of the male grooming market have experienced double digit growth rates over the past decade.
To effectively navigate the highly competitive environment, U.S. companies should invest heavily in marketing and promoting their products in efforts to attract new consumers. It is important to note that it will take a considerable amount of time to achieve brand recognition in the market. In terms of entering the market, companies should try to find an agent to contact department stores for them, as department store prefer to work through agents. However, there are very few agents available in this market and entering the market may require contacting department stores and pharmacies directly. New brands entering the French market must be prepared to highlight their product’s innovative properties, develop eye-catching packaging and invest heavily in marketing and promotion.
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