Initial Market Check

Determine your market potential! Our industry specialists overseas can analyze your company's potential through their connections with key players in the market.


The Initial Market Check provides your company with preliminary information needed to evaluate market potential. You'll receive a written report that includes:

  • A preliminary snapshot of the market potential of your product/service
  • Feedback from local contacts, including their questions/responses and level of interest in your product/service
  • Analysis and recommendations for next steps

Eligibility and Pricing

You must be an export-ready U.S. company seeking to export goods or services of U.S. origin or that have at least 51% U.S. content to utilize this service. 
The fee for an Initial Market Check is $450 for small and medium sized companies and $1,280 for large companies. To learn more about the service and determine if it is right for you, contact one of our Trade Specialists today.

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