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EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 9/8/2016
Next Certification Due Date: 9/5/2023
Data Collected: NON-HR

Purpose of Data Collection

Types of PII processed: Organization, Customer, Client, and Visitor. Specifically: Name Company Name The names of any companies or groups you may be associated with in our system. The billing name and address associated with your account, or the company or group who paid for your account. Address Phone Number Email Address User ID Password OR Google Identifier (if you “sign in with Google”) Login and Logout times Failed logins with your user ID IP address Browser Type, Accept Headers, and Version Operating System Type and Version The type of third parties to which it discloses such personal information: We currently contract dedicated server, network, and firewall resources from a third party in order to host PlanBase Hoshin/Scorecard and Memory Jogger Digital Library. A second vendor manages PlanBase associate email mailboxes (used for sales and support communications with you). A third vendor tracks all system emails for accurate delivery, to report incorrect addresses, and to ensure that you actually receive the notifications you pay for For those who signed up for the “keep me informed” newsletter, we provide your name and address to a legitimate, mailing list service who ensures that your information will only be used for delivery of those emails. PlanBase Inc. may be required to disclose personal information in response to a lawful request by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements. Full details are in our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Non-HR Data


Privacy Policy for and for PlanBase Hoshin and PlanBase Scorecard

Effective Date: 5/25/2018

Verification Method


Dispute Resolution

Questions or Complaints?

If you have a question or complaint regarding the covered data, please contact PlanBase Inc. at:

John Hamilton
Privacy Shield Contact
PlanBase Inc.
260 Bear Hill Rd, Suite 100
Waltham, Massachusetts 02451

Privacy Shield organizations must respond within 45 days of receiving a complaint.

If you have not received a timely or satisfactory response from PlanBase Inc. to your question or complaint, please contact the independent recourse mechanism listed below


Appropriate statutory body with jurisdiction to investigate any claims against PlanBase Inc. regarding possible unfair or deceptive practices and violations of laws or regulations covering privacy Federal Trade Commission