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EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 11/30/2018
Next Certification Due Date: 11/10/2020
Data Collected: NON-HR

Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 11/30/2018
Next Certification Due Date: 11/10/2020
Data Collected: NON-HR

Purpose of Data Collection

Cloudreach collects and processes personal information about its customers, at their direction and pursuant to their instructions, as necessary to provide its services and to carry out its contractual obligations to them. In particular, Cloudreach processes several types of personal information including: names, email addresses, telephone numbers, cloud provider access credentials, work IP addresses and potentially additional personal information depending on the content of customers’ databases, file shares and/or data repository accessible to Cloudreach. Cloudreach also collects general information about its Customers for billing and contracting purposes. In addition, Cloudreach collects personal information on website visitors and commercial prospects (including identify and contact data, technical data and marketing and communication data) and uses it to send them content, event information and messages regarding its products and services, to contact them to discuss opportunities and to use data analytics to improve its website, products/services, marketing, customer relationships and experiences. Cloudreach may disclose personal information: - to Cloudreach affiliates under an inter-company data processing agreement (in accordance with the standards of the EU Data Protection Directive). - to third-party service providers engaged to assist Cloudreach in providing services to its customers. These third parties may access, process, or store personal data in the course of providing their services. Cloudreach performs due diligence on the information security practices and data protection compliance of all these third parties and maintains contracts with them restricting their access, use and disclosure of personal data in compliance with our Privacy Shield obligations, including the onward transfer provisions, and Cloudreach may be liable if they fail to meet those obligations and we are responsible for the event giving rise to damage. - in the event Cloudreach sells or transfers all or a portion of its business or assets (including in the event of a merger, acquisition, joint venture, reorganization, dissolution or liquidation), in which case Personal Data held by us about our Customers will be among the assets transferred to the buyer or acquirer; - if required to do so by law or legal process; - in response to lawful requests from public authorities, including to meet national security, public interest or law enforcement requirements.

Privacy Policy

Non-HR Data


This policy describes the purposes for which Cloudreach collects and processes personal information on its customers and commercial prospects, the types of personal information processed by Cloudreach and the types of third parties to which such personal information may be disclosed.

Effective Date: 11/19/2018

Verification Method


Dispute Resolution

Questions or Complaints?

If you have a question or complaint regarding the covered data, please contact Cloudreach, Inc at:

Ruth Orpwood
General Counsel
Cloudreach, Inc
Legal & Corporate Governance
1095 Avenue of the Americas, 14th Floor, 3 Bryant Park
New York, New York 10036

Privacy Shield organizations must respond within 45 days of receiving a complaint.

If you have not received a timely or satisfactory response from Cloudreach, Inc to your question or complaint, please contact the independent recourse mechanism listed below


Appropriate statutory body with jurisdiction to investigate any claims against Cloudreach, Inc regarding possible unfair or deceptive practices and violations of laws or regulations covering privacy Federal Trade Commission