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Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 5/26/2017
Next Certification Due Date: 8/30/2019
Data Collected: NON-HR

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 10/18/2016
Next Certification Due Date: 8/30/2019
Data Collected: NON-HR

Purpose of Data Collection

Cloudablity Inc. provides a platform that gives its customers the ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the cloud. In order to access and use our products, services and content, customers may be asked to register and provide Cloudability with personal information. Cloudability collects personal information when it's customers: (i) register for its services, it collects a variety of information including the customer's name, address, company name, phone number, email address, and credit card information, (ii) share reports or invite other people to access its Cloudability account, it may collect information about those people such as their names, and email addresses, and (iii) register cloud accounts that they wish Cloudability to retrieve data from, it collects a variety of information about those accounts including the name of the account holder, company name, user name, access keys, and passwords. Cloudability uses this personal information: (i) to keep its customers informed about Cloudability’s latest products, updates, and upcoming events, (ii) create, develop, operate, deliver, and improve its products, services and content as well as for fraud prevention, (iii) to send its customers important notices about changes to its terms of service and policies, (iv) for its internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis and research to improve its product, and (v) if the customer enters into any of our promotions or contests, it will use personal information to administer those programs. Cloudabiilty may use third party vendors or service providers to help it provide the service to its customers, such as sending e-mail messages on its behalf or hosting, payment processing and operating a particular feature or functionality incorporated into Cloudability's products, services, and content. Cloudability's contracts with these third parties outline the appropriate use and handling of personal information and prohibit them from using it for purposes unrelated to the product or service they're providing to it. Cloudability requires such third parties to maintain the confidentiality of the information it provides to them.

Privacy Policy

Non-HR Data


Main privacy policy.

Effective Date: 5/9/2017

Verification Method


Dispute Resolution

Questions or Complaints?

If you have a question or complaint regarding the covered data, please contact Cloudability, Inc. at:

Legal Department
Cloudability, Inc.
334 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR
334 NW 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209

Privacy Shield organizations must respond within 45 days of receiving a complaint.

If you have not received a timely or satisfactory response from Cloudability, Inc. to your question or complaint, please contact the independent recourse mechanism listed below


Appropriate statutory body with jurisdiction to investigate any claims against Cloudability, Inc. regarding possible unfair or deceptive practices and violations of laws or regulations covering privacy Federal Trade Commission