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EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 12/14/2018
Next Certification Due Date: 11/8/2021
Data Collected: NON-HR

Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 12/14/2018
Next Certification Due Date: 11/8/2021
Data Collected: NON-HR

Purpose of Data Collection

Providing IT performance analytics Service(s) to Customer. and market to prospect these services Type of data that is collected ● First name ● Last name ● Address ● Phone number ● Email address ● Company ● ControlUp Software Usage ● Username ● IP Address ● Performance Information ● Payment information ● Business information for the purposes of Setting up an account/account(s) for Customer. Setting up profile(s) for users authorized by Customers. Providing support and technical maintenance provide IT performance analytics Service

Privacy Policy

Non-HR Data


ControlUp Inc., a subsidiary of ControlUp Ltd., is a supplier of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-prem suite of products, enabling customers to analyze organizational data, receive reports regarding the health of their virtual and/or physical environment and troubleshoot IT systems within their organization. In order to perform our service, we, ControlUp Inc., receive from our customers, customers' end users and/or ControlUp Ltd., the following type of information: User registration information as entered by the user during ControlUp User Account creation, which includes: full name, email, mobile phone number, and password for the service. General ControlUp User Account settings and configurations. Such information includes: User selected ControlUp’s organization upon logon. User configured ControlUp’s stress settings. User configured ControlUp’s security policy settings. User login information such as login date/time, login count, login IP address and usage duration. Various user requests / forms such as bug report, feature request, feature disable request, shared script-based actions and other requests made by the user. Generated ID’s for ControlUp User Account, organization and environment. License Information and license usage information. Static computer information, displayed in ControlUp’s computers view while remote computer is not connected to ControlUp console. Remote desktop configuration information Details of system incidents as defined by one of the followings: Incident triggers configured by the User. Incident triggers configured and updated by ControlUp via ControlUp Cloud Analytics. Details of performance metrics and system information as follows: Performance updates and system information about hosts, computers, Users sessions and processes. We will not transfer Personal Information originating in the EU to third parties unless such third parties have entered into an agreement in writing with us requiring them to provide at least the same level of privacy protection to your Personal Information as required by the Principles of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. We may transfer Personal Information to cloud service providers who need the information in order to provide services to or perform activities on our behalf. In cases of onward transfer to third parties of data of EU individuals received pursuant to the EU-US Privacy Shield, ControlUp is potentially liable.

Effective Date: 9/16/2018

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Dispute Resolution

Questions or Complaints?

If you have a question or complaint regarding the covered data, please contact ControlUp Inc at:

Amit Spitzer
ControlUp Inc
4880 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 204
San Jose, California 95129

Privacy Shield organizations must respond within 45 days of receiving a complaint.

If you have not received a timely or satisfactory response from ControlUp Inc to your question or complaint, please contact the independent recourse mechanism listed below


Appropriate statutory body with jurisdiction to investigate any claims against ControlUp Inc regarding possible unfair or deceptive practices and violations of laws or regulations covering privacy Federal Trade Commission