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Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 1/3/2020
Next Certification Due Date: 1/2/2021
Data Collected: NON-HR

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: Active

Original Certification Date: 1/3/2020
Next Certification Due Date: 1/2/2021
Data Collected: NON-HR

Purpose of Data Collection

I. The organisation processes the following types of personal data: customers’ (i) full name, (ii) email address, (iii) a link to a Google profile image, (iv) company address, (v) company name, (vi) VAT number, (vii) billing address, (viii) phone number, and (ix) any other information that the customers decide to provide to the organisation. II. The processing of personal data is carried out for the following purposes: (i) to create and maintain customers’ user accounts, (ii) to provide the requested services, (iii) to send updates and important notices, (iv) to ensure security of the organisation and its services, (v) to comply with legal requirements, (vi) to process payments, issue invoices, and maintain accountancy records, (vii) to deliver a newsletter, (viii) to respond to customers’ enquiries, and (ix) to analyse, improve, and evaluate organisation’s business activities. III. The third parties that may have access to customers' personal data include organisation’s suppliers and subcontractors (data processors), namely, (i) the hosting service provider 'Amazon Web Services', (ii) subscription management service provider 'Recurly', (iii) payment processing service provider 'Stripe', (iv) business analytics service providers 'GoogleAnalytics', 'MixPanel', and 'Segment', and (v) support service provider 'Zendesk'. The disclosure of personal data is limited to the situations when such data is required for (i) the provision of services requested by organisation’s customers, (ii) carrying our organisation's contractual obligations, and (iii) administrative purposes.

Privacy Policy

Non-HR Data


We have revised our privacy policy in accordance with your remarks, namely: 1. The requested affirmative commitment to comply with the Privacy Shield Framework(s) was added to the privacy policy; and 2. Individuals are informed about (i) the Client being subject to the investigatory and enforcement powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC); (ii) the possibility, under certain conditions, for the individual to invoke binding arbitration; and (iii) Client’s liability in cases of onward transfers to third parties.

Effective Date: 11/26/2019

Verification Method


Dispute Resolution

Questions or Complaints?

If you have a question or complaint regarding the covered data, please contact Flashissue dba Automailtion LLC at:

Alon Weinstein
Flashissue dba Automailtion LLC
1495 Spalding Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30350

Privacy Shield organizations must respond within 45 days of receiving a complaint.

If you have not received a timely or satisfactory response from Flashissue dba Automailtion LLC to your question or complaint, please contact the independent recourse mechanism listed below


Appropriate statutory body with jurisdiction to investigate any claims against Flashissue dba Automailtion LLC regarding possible unfair or deceptive practices and violations of laws or regulations covering privacy Federal Trade Commission