Under this arbitration option, the Privacy Shield Panel (consisting of one or three arbitrators, as agreed by the parties) has the authority to impose individual-specific, non-monetary equitable relief (such as access, correction, deletion, or return of the individual’s data in question) necessary to remedy the violation of the Principles only with respect to the individual.  These are the only powers of the arbitration panel with respect to remedies.  In considering remedies, the arbitration panel is required to consider other remedies that already have been imposed by other mechanisms under the Privacy Shield.  No damages, costs, fees, or other remedies are available.  Each party bears its own attorney’s fees.


A. Scope;
B. Available Remedies;
C. Pre-Arbitration Requirements;
D. Binding Nature of Decisions;
E. Review and Enforcement;
F. The Arbitration Panel;
G. Arbitration Procedures;
H. Costs