Featured U.S. Exporter Directory

Do you already know which markets you want to reach, but don’t speak the language or are uncertain about how to promote your company locally? Advertise in FUSE, the featured directory of U.S. products on U.S. Commercial Service websites around the world.


FUSE is an online directory of U.S. products and services featured on U.S. Commercial Service websites around the world. It gives companies an opportunity to reach prospects in the local language of the target market.

How it works:

  • For a low annual subscription rate, your company’s profile is featured, in English or the local language, in the FUSE directory of the market(s) in which you are doing business.
  • Local buyers, distributors and agents see your company’s profile and send inquiries to our local office.
  • After confirming the local company’s viability, purchasing interest, and contact details, we send you the sales lead for follow up.

Eligibility & Pricing

You must be an export-ready U.S. company seeking to export goods or services of U.S. origin or that have at least 51% U.S. content to utilize this service. The final posting determination will be made by the management of each overseas U.S. Commercial Service office.

The price for a FUSE listing is $150 for small and medium sized companies and $300 for large companies; annual renewal is $75 and $150 respectively.